Minutes 2013-03-17

Greater Manchester Grange meeting, 3/17

Worthy master Stuart Light opened the grange at 1:45 p.m.

Attending were guests Jack Eaton, Kali Frye, Arthur Merrill, Adam Paquin-Varnum, Chris Heath, and Marcus Kennebeck, grange members Stuart Light, Joan Bastek, Sandy Pierre, Ron Helwig, Jason Robertson, Curtis Howland, Mike Ruff, CJ Maxey, Graham Nadig, Matthew Ping, Ellen Weist, Ofer Nave and Emily Sandblade.

Present: Master, Overseer, Lecturer, Treasurer, Secretary, entire Executive Committee
Vacant: Steward, Asst Steward, Lady Asst Steward, Chaplain, Gatekeeper, all Graces

Dignitaries:  Arthur Merrill, Chris Heath, Adam Paquim-Varnum

New Members:
Curtis moved to accept the membership of Jack Eaton and Calif Frye.
Ron seconded, Motion carried 11-0.  Sister Kali will issue an invitation to the Facebook group to brother Jack.  Arthur obligated the new members.

Committee Reports:

Community Service:  Ellen Weist reported that Grange Day will be July 27 at Fisher Cat Stadium. On March 23 Sugar on Snow Party in Thornton.  Ellen talked to the state grange about cleaning the grange hall, and they mentioned that the outside needs cleaning.  Ellen wants to do a cleanup around April 21 or May 5.  Chris Heath said that the grange would open the building on cleanup day for refreshments

Youth and Junior:  Erick Todd is not present, but Chris Heath reported that the bowling tournament was last Sunday with 8 juniors and some youth.  Stuart Light participated as well.  Adam Paquin-Varnum reported that the Grange youth bowling will be held on April 19 at the Merrimack 10-pin.  Details to be posted on State Grange website.  The Youth Rally will be held on the weekend of June 8-9th, details will also be posted on website.  There’s also some information about youth contests, available either on the website or directly from Adam.

Garden committee:  Ellen reported about a meeting with Girls, Inc., last Wednesday, and says that they are very excited about the garden.  Jane Beaulieau and her commission submitted a letter supporting the project.  Ellen also provided copies of materials submitted to Parks & Rec.  She said the Mayor is supportive of the project.  She has a meeting set up for Monday, March 18 with Phil Greazzo.  She says that it’s likely that Parks & Rec will approve the project on Wednesday.

Ellen also spoke with St. Anselm’s will not allow individual spaces at the college, but their representative gave her information about other groups.  She also talked with Ron Crispie, Master Gardener with UNHCE, who made some suggestions about gardening.  Jack will work with the gardening committee to determine depth of raised beds.  There’s also been a contribution of a truckload of compost that will be picked up in April or May when needed.  Gardening committee will meet after end of main meeting.

Legislative committee:  Emily reported a large number of bills.  Chris Heath says that National Agriculture Day will be celebrated at the State House possibly starting at 9 am inside with booths outside.  Joan Bastek was appointed to the legislative committee.

Special Committees:

Bylaws:  Copies of the draft bylaws were distributed.

Incorporation:  Brother Chris reported that the General Deputy has something for the Grange.  Brother Merrill presented a charter showing that the Manchester Community Grange was chartered on March 8, 2013.  There are a couple more things to do:  incorporation of a non-profit corporation with the state of NH, then submission to the IRS to get a tax number.  We are Grange Number 359.

Grange Services:  Grange service information should start coming from the national grange.  The subordinate grange secretary will start sending emails from the state lecturer to the Manchester Community Grange members.  Currently there is a web-inar program on bugs with registration at stoppests.org that grange members are invted to attend.

Inbound Communications:  Stuart will forward emails from the state lecturer.

Reports will be submitted at the end of June.

Treasurer’s report:  Total amount on hand:  $485.  Treasurer has semi-secure storage area.  Member dues will be paid at the rate of $7.25 per member each quarter starting after the end of June to the state grange.  Deputy Chris Heath will be examining the books sometime in the third quarter of 2013.

Unfinished business:

Officer duty briefings were handed out to educate members about officer duties.  Chris Heath suggested that the formal elections for the vacant offices be held at the next meeting.  Stuart noted that the seats will only be for about six months.  Mike Ruff moved that the elections to fill the offices still vacant be held at the next meeting.  Matthew Ping seconded.  Jack Eaton moved to amend the motion to move the election to the second meeting in April; Ofer Nave seconded.  Amendment carried.  The motion as amended reads:  That the election to fill the offices still vacant be held at the second meeting in April.  Main motion w/amendment carried.

The master asked the executive committee to decide by the next election what their respective terms will be.

Welcome packets were distributed to new members who had not already received them.  The worthy master reminded members that Grange property including manuals belong to the grange.  The secretary will inscribe the “Property of the Manchester Community Grange” and the officer position in each manual and will imprint them with the seal when the seal is received.

New Business:

Emily suggested formation of a committee to greet the national grange in November.  Emily and Ellen have volunteered to work with Beth Merrill for this event and will be on the National Grange Liaison committee.

Arthur Merrill announced that our subordinate grange would be assigned to the Suncook Pomona, which meets on the second Wednesday of the  month.  Hillsborough Pomona will have a 5th degree day in September, the 6th degree at the state grange convention in Concord in October, and the 7th degree in November at the national convention.  5th degree obligation will also be held at the state convention, and 6th degree conferral will be held at the national convention in November.

The Facebook group will list committee meetings, the page will list general meetings where the public may attend.  Members are encouraged to check both for meeting updates.

Chris Heath announced on May 11 at the State Grange will be doing the full 4 degrees ceremony and invited all new members to come observe them.  Lunch will be at noon and the degree ceremony will be held at 1 p.m.  There will be an additional one in the fall.

Ellen Weist announced that April 13, 20, May 4, 11, 18 are potential dates to tour Bardo Farm.

Members who are sick or in distress:  None.

Grange roll call:

Centennial:  1
Antrim: 2
Manchester Community: 15 members, 1 guest.

Lecturer’s Program:

Marcus Kennebeck made a presentation about the Adopt-your-Block program.

Ron Helwig is scheduled for the next meeting.  Ellen has a signup sheet for anyone who wants to make a presentation.

There is also a signup sheet for refreshments.  Sister Ellen is going to put that online as a document on the Facebook group.

Suggestions for the good of the order:

The secretary received $75 in membership dues.

Arthur Merrill announced that on April 6, the State Grange will be holding the Spring Fling at the Tilton Northfield United Methodist Church in Tilton.  Information is on the state grange website.  Sister Beth asks for people to register ahead of time.

The New Hampshire State Grange Variety show will be held on April 27 at the State Grange Hall.

The grange was closed by the overseer at 3:40 p.m.

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