Minutes 2013-03-03

Greater Manchester Grange meeting, 3/3/13

Worthy master Stuart Light opened the grange at 1:35.

Attending were guests Jack Eaton, guest Kali Fyre, grange members Joan Bastek, Stuart Light, Matthew Ping, Ellen Weist, Mike Ruff, Ron Helwig, Jason Robertson, and Emily Sandblade

Master, Overseer, Lecturer, Steward vacant, Assistant steward vacant, Lady Assistant Steward vacant, chaplain vacant, treasurer absent, secretary present, gatekeeper vacant, graces vacant, 2 exec committee present, executive member Sandy Pierre absent

Dignitaries:  Chris Heath State overseer was recognized

Curt moved to accept Matthew Ping for membership.  Curtis seconded, carried 7-0.

Chris Heath obligated Matthew Ping and welcomed him to the Manchester Community Grange.

Matthew Ping’s name will be entered as a new member and his name will be submitted to the state grange secretary.

Committee Reports:

Community:  Ellen has a letter from Polaris charter school acknowledging our cooperation with them.  She is working to get the mini-greenhouses for each classroom.  She has also collected some supplies for their wish list that exists at www.polaris.org.

Ellen also mentioned a number of other projects that the granges often get involved in.

Youth and Junior:  No report because Erick Todd is not here.

Garden committee:  Ellen Weist reported on her interface with the city of Manchester.  She reports that we’ll have to carry a million dollar liability insurance policy.  Chris Heath mentioned that there is an insurance company that covers individual granges based on the membership.  Ellen contacted an agent who says that it will cost $595.  Ellen suggested fundraising from surrounding businesses.  Chris Heath mentioned that donations made to the foundation are deductible.  Ellen is meeting with Girls Inc. next week.  On March 20, this project goes before Parks and Rec.  She is meeting with the mayor on Friday.  Four grange members want plots.

Legislative committee:  Senate Bill 59–kill recommendation by Chris Heath.  He said the bill would put them out of business and is the first step to killing animal agriculture.  Send correspondence to Senators quickly.  Farm Bureau is opposed.
Special Committees:

Bylaws:  Stuart Light reported no activity, thinks that master, overseer and treasurer can sign  checks.

Incorporation:  Chris Heath has received information from the state treasurer about what to do next:  employee id number from secretary of state, the SS-4 form to get tax exempt status from the IRS.   He hopes to have a charter in hand by the next meeting.  The name can be changed in the future.  The  only name that we cannot use in the future was “Amoskeag.”

Inbound Communications:  Polaris Charter school as submitted by Ellen Weist.

Matthew Ping will be added to the Facebook group by one  of his friends.

Unfinished business:  The grange voted last time not to include new members who weren’t already part of the Facebook group.  Emily moved to establish a policy to allow by exception new participants on the Facebook group if voted on by the grange at the regular meetings.  Mike Ruff seconded.  Motion passed 7-1.

Mike Ruff moved to accept Michelle McNeil into the Facebook group.  Joan Bastek seconded.  Motion carried.

New Business:

Ellen Weist wants to line up entertainment groups for the national convention in November.  Contact Cathy Yardley or Beth Merrill if interested.

Ellen is also trying to line up speakers and has asked members if they’d like to sign up to present a program for March through June.

People introduced themselves starting with Ellen Weist, followed Chris Heath, who invited members to his grange in Barrington on Route 9 on Thursday nights.  Chris was followed by Stuart Light, Mike Ruff, Ron Hellwig, Curt Howland spoke about their background and interest.

Members who are sick or in distress:  Sandy Pierre is ill in Houston but will return soon.  Graham Nadig has had an ear infection for 2 weeks.

Grange roll call:

Centenniel:  1 member
Manchester:  9 members, 2 guests.
Suggestions for the good of the order:  Charter will come in soon which means we’ll have 8 more offices to fill:  steward, assistant steward, lady assistant steward, chaplain, gatekeeper, the three Graces–Ceres, Pomona, and Flora.  Lady assistant steward and the three Graces must be women.

Grange will be having bowling next week on Sunday starting at noon at Lakeside Lanes on Candia Rd.

The secretary received $135 in membership dues.

The grange was closed by the overseer at 3:30 p.m.

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