Minutes 2013-02-17

Grange minutes 2/17/2013

Attending were Joan Bastek, Curtis Howland, CJ Maxey, Graham Nadig, Ofer Nave, Mike Ruff, Emily Sandblade, Mike Segal, Ellen Weist.  Eric Todd came late

The master started the meeting and explained grange procedures:
meaning  of sashes
meaning of rap
area behind altar

Chris Heath asked about new members

The grange master opened the meeting.

He started by asking for new members.

Ron Helwig EC2 and Sandy Pierre EC3

The former secretary Ellen McManus read the notes from the previous meeting of 3-February-2013, when she was still secretary.

Mike Ruff moved that the induction of new members be postponed.  McManus seconded.  Motion carried 6-0.

Visiting dignitaries:  Jim Tetreault, State grange master, Chris Heath, State Overseer, State Assistant Steward Arthur Merrill, State Secretary Jerry LeClerk, State Exec Committee Beth Merrill, Overseer of the Youth Association Emilie LeClerk.

Granges represented:
Centenial:  1
Arlington 1
Antrim 2
Hudson 2
Manchester 10, 1 visitor

Visitors:  Mike Segal.

Standing committees:

Executive committee:  (no report).  Joan said that she had read the duties of the executive committee:

Finances and fundraising:  Ofer Nave.  Not ready to open the account yet.  Asked about opening the account before the next meeting.  Chris Heath clarified the procedure needed before opening the account, including getting tax ID number, number from Sec of State, and National Grange approval.  Need 3 people not in the same house as signers.  It is possible to put in bylaws who can sign.  Treasurer usually sign checks.  The master  asked about timing of setting up a fundraising committee.

(Chris Heath mentioned we need agriculture committee, family and community committee, youth committee, junior committee).  These correspond to projects that the state grange has.  Other committees can be set up as desired.)

Legislative and agriculture committee:  Emily Sandblade will chair.

Family and Community Service:  Ellen Weist will chair.

Youth and Junior:  Eric Todd was nominated for chair by Mike Ruff.  The master will talk with Eric to determine if he wishes to chair the committee.

PR and publicity:  The committee chair will be appointed later.

Special Committees:

Bylaws and Incorporation:  Stuart Light will chair, Ellen Weist and Mike Ruff will serve.  Chris Heath will work with Stuart, Ofer and Emily to deal with the incorporation.

CJ Maxey signed the charter and became a grange member.  Arthur obligated the new member.

The full degree day will be in May.


From National rules:  No consumption of alcohol before or during Grange meetings, no alcohol on Grange property.  Voting in person, no proxy votes.

On March 10, the state Grange is doing bowling at Lakeside Lanes, Manchester, on Candia Road at noon.  Open to all.  A Facebook event has been created, and a signup sheet was passed around.  $12 for event.  Chris Heath should get numbers in advance, Stuart will forward.

No inbound communications from secretary.

Chris Heath is donating $25 for charter fee.

No other bills and accounts.

Unfinished business:

Regular meeting time and place.  Ellen said that we can use Jutras if nobody else is using the space, but they are going to go to their board to determine future use and costs.  Stuart has spoken to the Masonic Hall who may be willing to host us, and is waiting for a return call.  Chris has offered the Grange hall in Hooksett for up to six months.  Reservations required in advance.

Ofer moved to accept the offer of use of the state grange hall.  Ellen stated that the distance was problematic and that it was not a good location to advertise for our meetings.  The Boy Scouts haven’t been heard from, so no possibility of them donating space.  Mike Ruff moved to meet at state grange hall for next 6 months.  Ellen moved to amend the motion to meet at the state Grange Hall up to six months, or until another location is secured.  Ofer seconded the amendment.  Amendment passed 8-0.  Main motion passed 8-0.

Schedule for meeting:  Emily moved to hold the meetings on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month at 1:30 p.m. as long as we are using the state Grange Hall.  If the Manchester Grange doesn’t need to use the hall, it can cancel the reservation.  Chris Heath said that he thinks that it will be available.  Motion passed 8-0.

Adoption of Polaris Charter School:  Ellen reported that they might be interested in a garden project.  They have 40 students and are short of funds.  Ellen moved to adopt Polaris Charter school.  Mike Ruff seconded.  This establishes a relationship; details will be hammered out later.  Motion passed 8-0.

Community Garden at Durham Street:  Ellen reported that the Parks Department is amenable to gardens being established there, and has imposed some constraints such as using raised beds.  Ellen is meeting with the Pine Street garden organizer, and is meeting with the Parks Commission later in the month.  Plots will be for military veterans, Girls Inc., Polaris Charter School, and others who apply.

Ellen moved to seek stewardship of the Durham St park.  Eric seconded.  Motion passed 9-0.

Ellen suggested setting up a gardening committee, but does not want to be chair.

Jim suggested the New Hampshire Grange Foundation might be able to help with materials by letting organizations donate through them.

Garden Committee members:  CJ Maxey, Graham Nadig, Ellen Weist.

Greenhouse Project:  where the Food Bank community garden is.  Postponed until summer.

Facebook group:  who should it be restricted to?  Ofer suggested bifurcation into a page and group.  The page is for public relations, a group is for working.  Ofer moved to establish a Facebook page for the Manchester Community Grange.  Motion passed 9-0.

Eric Todd was tasked with the creation of the page.

Ofer moved to restrict membership of the Facebook group to members of the order of the Patrons of Husbandry.  Joan seconded.  Ellen moved to amend the motion by restricting the new membership in the Facebook group for members of the order only.  Amendment passed 8-0.  Motion passed 9-0.

New business:

Creating a new web site:  Sister Beth suggested looking into the facilities offered by the national grange.  There will be a workshop at the Spring Fling where people with laptops can set up their own subordinate’s website.  The state Grange also offers website space.  Stuart will pass along meeting information to Brother Wayne.

Suggestions for the good of the  grange:

There will be a number of events at the Northfield-Tilton United Methodist Church on 6th April that will focus on a variety of areas, such as quilting and grange internet presence.  Jim said that our subordinate grange is also free to ask for help from the state Grange.

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