Community Service Award

Mary Ann is being recognized for her dedication to the Good Shepherd Center.

In February of 2015 The Good Shepherd Center’s roof began to leak because of bricks falling onto it. In Sept. 2015 the former_Moss Building was declared unsafe.
This resulted in the closing of Main Street and The Good Shepherd Center had to evacuate their building. Mary Ann never lost hope and quickly got things relocated;
Clinic – Zions Church, The meal program – Knights of Columbus, and the clothing store at 5 Clinton Street. Now they have a new home at 10 N. Water St with the retail shop is already in operation. The meal program and was recently moved to the new building. The next project will be moving the clinic over.
Mary Ann knew the community needed these
services in the area and now they are becoming a reality.

Shoe drive

shoe drive 2017  Poster for the shoe drive. Our shoe drive is off to a great start but we need help to reach our goal of 7,500 pair of new or slightly used shoes, slippers, boots from infant to adults.  It nets about .30 per pound and we are hoping to get enough to send our youngest members to Junior camp again this summer.  We have boxes and barrels located at many locations around Mercer County. The shoes are sent to third world countries where they are greatly needed.  Please help if you are able!

Our new officers

Master: Ginny Straub
Overseer: Mike Vogan
Treasurer: Dave Carlson
Secretary: Vernice Brocklehurst, Diane Vogan
Asst. Stewart: Sean Michael
Lady Asst. Stewart: Iva Burrows
Chaplin: Ruth Mc
Lecturer: Linda Reily
Gatekeeper: Butch Reynolds ?
Stewart: Richard Straub
Executive Comm. : Diane Vogan, Ron and Jodi Limber
Graces: Pomona: Rachel Reynolds, Ceres: Cassie Aubel, Flora: Chris Connor
Family Activities: Chris Connor, Diane Vogan

Contact person:  Chris Connor 724-373-8701

Hello world!

We’re your neighbors; come JOIN us.

The Grange is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization based in more than 2,100 hometowns across America. We have nearly 150 years of history, a spirit of grassroots advocacy, and a fraternal spirit that we’re happy to share with you.

To learn more about the Grange, read our Declaration of Purposes) or download a membership brochure . You can also learn more about Grange Youth for those 14 to 30 years of age and Junior Grange for children 5 to 14 . Grange members enjoy many benefits, including discounts on energy, vacations and medical services. To learn more, read our member benefits brochure .  We need a few more Juniors to join our small group.

We’d love to tell you about the exciting opportunities the Grange offers. Stop by a meeting anytime; during the summer months, they will be held the 1st and 3rd Friday at the log cabin on Kitch Road @ 7:00 pm. We are always open to the public and would love it if you would join us. If you’d prefer to support rural America and agriculture on your own time, you can look into E-Membership. E-Members enjoy the same benefits as community Grange members and have all materials delivered to their inbox. American Values. Hometown Roots.

Easter egg hunt

The Log Cabin Unity Grange #2110 got off to a good start.  We hosted an Easter egg hunt on March 26th for ages 1 through 12.  We had about 100 children show up and, I believe around 1,000 eggs hidden all over the park.  We had 6 age groups, each with there own search area.  The 1-2 year old searched for their eggs in a patch of straw at 1:00 followed by the other age groups in increments of about 15 minutes.  Some of the eggs had money, some candy, and some were special eggs with a slip telling them to pick out a prize.  The parents were very impressed and many came over and thanked us.  We even received a donation toward next year’s egg hunt.

Finding an egg

Finding an egg


Here I come

Here I come

I can't find any!

I can’t find any!