Why the Grange?

There are several reasons why the Grange makes sense for you and your family.  The Grange is a family-friendly organization that promotes family values and teaches leadership skills to our youth.  Service to the community is the backbone of the Grange. Hundreds of community service programs benefiting everyone from the very young to the very old occur every day all across the state.

Grange policy is set by members of local Granges in a truly democratic fashion.  The Grange does not set policy based on partisan politics, but on what our members want and need.

Benefits include:  Membership in an organization with family and rural values and a history of achievement; a national legislative team that advocates for you; leadership opportunities at the community, state and national levels; as well as nationwide discounts on car rentals, hotels, insurance and so much more!

Junior & Youth Programs
Junior Grange membership is open to all boys and girls age 5-14.  The program offers a large number of opportunities including Summer Camps, Contests, Community Service projects; learning about Leadership, Self-Confidence, Responsibility, Teamwork and Respect for Self and Others.  Check out information about our Junior Programs at www.wa-grange.org/JuniorGrangeHome.html

The Grange Youth Program is designed to provide leadership training and life skills training opportunities for teenagers and young adults.  Check out the information about our Youth Programs at www.wa-grange.org/youthhomepage.html