Pomona Grange Forum – Lewis County January 4, 3pm @ Newaukum

The Washington State Grange will be hosting four Pomona Workshops around the state.  Every member that has an interest in the Pomona level of the Grange is welcome to attend – but we are especially hoping that Pomona officers will attend.

At these workshops, there will be a time for everyone to read and study what the National Grange Digest and the Washington State Grange constitution & By-Laws say about the operation of Pomona Granges.  We will also be taking some time to discuss what changes may need to be considered for the future Pomona level of the Grange.

The goal with these three workshops is to learn from what our governing documents tell us about the Pomona and its purpose, and to hear from all present on what the future holds for Pomonas and its place in our order.

The more representatives we have from each of our local Pomona Granges that attend these workshops, the more we can effect change in all of our Pomona Granges across the state.  Strong or weak – your Pomona can have a voice and will effectively get a new perspective of how other Pomonas are working – or not.

January 4 – Sunday – 3pm, at Newaukum Grange #198, Lewis County
January 11 – Sunday – 3pm at Garden City Grange #280, Snohomish County
January 19 – Monday – 3pm at Williams Valley Grange #452, Stevens County
January 25 – Sunday – 3pm at Outlook Grange #256, Yakima County