Grange’s Patriot Program

On June 6, 2015, Kuna Grange presented a Certificate of Honor to Brigadier General Ret. Willard G. Nelson for patriotism, courage, and service to our Country about self during the time of the Vietnam War.

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Brigadier General Ret. Willard G. Nelson receives his certificate from Assistant Steward Don Johnson, while Overseer Mary Johnson looks on.

nelson 3 editAbove from L to R: Master Dallas Chaney, Overseer Mary Johnson, Patriot Program honoree Brigadier General Ret. Willard G. Nelson, and Assistant Steward Don Johnson.

Grange Month 2015

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April was Grange Month and this year the Kuna Grange continued its annual tradition of honoring a local Teacher, Firefighter, Police Officer, and Community Citizen of the Year, as well as naming a Granger of the Year.  Pictured above from left to right are Granger of the Year Burt Gumm, Community Citizen of the Year Ginny Greger, Firefighter of the Year Captain Joe Link, and Police Officer of the Year Deputy Gary Miller.  Not pictured is our Teacher of the Year awardee, Courtney Shearer.

Grange Month 2014

April was Grange Month, and again we had fantastic honorees.  grange monthFrom left to right in the above photo: Dave Langton was named Firefighter of the Year; Detective Mark Hudson received Police Officer of the Year honors; April Peterson was named Teacher of the Year honors; and Ceres Michele Gumm was named Granger of the Year.  Not pictured due to a community service conflict were our very deserving Community Citizens of the Year, Enrique Contreras and Ana Paz, owners of El Gallo Giro.

Grange Month 2013

Our honorees with their certificates

Our honorees with their certificates

April was Grange Month, and this year our honorees were certainly deserving.  From left to right in the above photo: Tim and Belinda Gordon were named Community Citizens of the Year; Jessica Tookey received Teacher of the Year honors; Lecturer Briana Buban-Vonder Haar was named Granger of the Year; and Firefighter of the Year went to Paul Schepper.  Not pictured but equally deserving was our Police Officer of the Year, Detective Phil Stoffle.

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