OFFICERS 2014-2016 Office E-Mail [email protected]
Office Name Grange City
President/ Master Don Heikkila Harrison, ID 83833
Overseer Richard Javaux Caldwell , ID 83607
Lecturer Colleen Foster Wilder, ID
Steward Oscar Mooney
Assistant Steward Joe Axtell
Lady Asst. Steward Sandy Axtell
Chaplain Merridee McCarthy
Treasurer Don Johnson Kuna, ID
Secretary Dianne Holbart
Gatekeeper Chris Holbart
Ceres Dorothy Ryder
Pomona Traci Conrad Mica Flats
Flora Lily Sorenson
Executive Committee I Dallas Cheney
Executive Committee II Lenore Peterson
Executive Committee III Jeannie Billmire
Chairperson of Family Activities (CFA) Eileen Javaux
Youth & Junior Director Belinda Williams
Community Service Director Becky Eilers
Family Health & Deaf Awareness Director Lily Sorenson
Membership Director Linda Thruston
Membership Director Ken Thruston
Agriculture Director Gordon Moir
Co-Legislative Director Don Heikkila
Co-Legislative Director Don Johnson
Deputy of Unwritten Work Don Johnson
Deputy (District I) Warren Eilers
Deputy (District I) Becky Eilers
Deputy (District II) Dorothy Ryder
Deputy (District III)
Deputy (District III)
Technical Advisor Wayne Foster Wilder, ID 83676

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