Hall Rental


Fredonia Grange No. 1 Hall Rental Application

Call Karen Kwiatkowski at 672-2883 with any questions


Send completed form to 58 W. Main Street Fredonia, NY 14063

Name: ___________________________________________

Business/Organization Name: _______________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________


Contact Phone Number: ______________________

Contact Email Address: _______________________________________

Date of Requested Rental: _____________________

Starting and Ending Times of Requested Rental: ___________________

Description of Event:




A certificate of insurance must be submitted with payment.

 agree to comply with all rules stated in the Fredonia Grange Policies and Procedures document.

Signature of contact person: _________________________________________Date: ________________

——————–For Grange Use Only———————————————————

Rental Charge: ________

Date Payment Received: ________

Rental Policies and Procedures

  1. The Fredonia Grange #1 Rental Application must be filled out and submitted to the Executive Board at least 30 days prior to the requested rental date.
  1. Rental charges are $25 per hour with a minimum of 2 hours ($50).
  1. Payment for the rental must be submitted at least 1 week prior to the requested rental date.
  1. A certificate of insurance naming the Grange with a liability amount of $1 million MUST be submitted along with the payment.
  1. No alcoholic beverages or smoking are permitted within the Grange building or on its property.
  1. All trash must be removed from the premises at the conclusion of the event.
  1. All rooms used by the tenant should be cleaned and left in the condition that they were found.
  1. Before exiting the premises, the tenant should ensure that all windows are closed and the thermostats are set to 50 degrees.
  1. A Grange member will be present to unlock the building at the beginning of the event and to inspect and lock the building afterwards.
  1. The rental application must be approved by the Grange Executive Committee, which meets once a month.