June News letter 2014

June 2014 Newsletter

I made it by the skin of my teeth. May 30th I’m sitting and typing this newsletter. Better than last year when I included two months in one letter.Many thanks to all who helped with Little Hershey and the Kirkland Lions dinner.

First reminder is June 10th -13th@ 9-11:00 am SAFETY TOWN DAY CAMP!!! Remember it is held at the fairgrounds. I do need your help please give me a call at your earliest convince. 815-222-6173 if I don’t pick up leave me a message THANK-YOU.I have not had time to make the excel file of children who have registered to attend, but anticipating a fairly good turn out after listening to answer machine and looking at mailed in sheets.

June17th Flora Grange will hold it’sannual picnic. This will be held at the Grange hall with potluck supper beginning at 6:30 p.m. Bring your own table service and a hot and cold dish to pass. Scholarships will be distributed as well as the recognition of our distinguished Granger and non-Granger. The Juniors will be announcing winners of the duck race and Donna will definitely have a good program. Hope to see many of you there. Serving committee consists of Gene and Donna West, George McGee, and Kathy Taylor.

June 26th we have been asked to serve the Kirkland Lions Club women’s night out. Two meats have been requested and serving will begin at 7:00 p.m. They expect more people so I will definitely need extra help. Please call if you can help.
Second Tuesday in July , the 8th, will be our annual work night at the fairgrounds. Jobs are varied but I am sure if you bring a paint brush, rags or cleaning supplies you will be able to use them somewhere. Remember dutch treat at Culver’s is the refreshment of the evening.

July 26th Applebee’s restaurant from 8-10am for a flapjack fundraising event for Flora Grange.300 tickets are available for sale and Flora Grange is responsible for greeters, servers, and waitresses. Sell those tickets and let me know if you can help. This has the potential of being a very worthwhile event.
Fair Dates are August 5-10. Flora Grange will be serving ham dinner on Thursday and manning the back gate, gate 6, on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Thursday will be run very similar to last year. Questions can be heard by Jack.

We have had another loss in our Grange family. Esther Nelson went to her heavenly home this past month. Condolences are also sent to many Grange families who have lost loved ones recently. There are also many members with health issues who need our prayers.

Enjoy the beautiful weather, the perfect growing conditions, and stay safe in all your experiences. As ever, Laurel

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