December 2018 Newsletter

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019!  Image result for christmas tree

This wish is serving as the beginning of the December Newsletter for Flora Grange!

December 1st and 2nd    There will be Quilting at the Grange Hall.  Bring your favorite project, a snack for lunch, and enjoy the fellowship as well as accomplishing projects for Christmas presents or whatever you have selected.

  December 7th   Belvidere’s Hometown Christmas Celebration.   Trees are decorated before, however I am not sure of date, usually on a Wednesday night.  Parade starts at 5:30pm followed by the Christmas Tree Lighting. There is much to enjoy and in which to  participate.

December 11th   Flora Grange Christmas Party.  Potluck supper beginning at 6:30 with meat furnished.  Members are asked to furnish a hot and cold dish to pass.  Table service will be provided.  Serving committee consists of Jack, Tom, Domenica, and Laurel.

Supplies for the Grange will be welcomed as well as gifts for our selected needy individual who has a list of suggested items, namely extra-large bath towels, cotton balls or squares, potholders/oven mitts, Scott, Charmin, or Cottonelle toilet paper, etc.  If more information needed, please call as I have a detailed list.  There was another family suggested but all attempts to contact them have been unsuccessful.  Therefore I am encouraging gift cards or cash to be delivered with the shut-in tray.

Shut-in trays will also be made for those members and neighbors unable to get out during the winter months.  Please furnish if willing, appropriate cookies, fruits, or candy, to be used on the trays.


December 25th  Blessing of Christmas to each and every member.

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Safe travels throughout these winter months and

Wishes for a Healthy and Happy 2019.

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