March 2018 newsletter

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March 11th

Just a few things to remind Flora Grange members- 

1. The amount for dues remains $19.00 until the first of April when it will jump to $24.00.  Now is the time to pay dues.

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2.Pomona dues are also due by May at a cost of $5.00.  Remember fair board officers are being elected this November but in order to vote, you must have dues paid by May 1st.  I will be glad to pay them for anyone who so wishes and get a receipt for it.  You also need to know that if your dues are not paid you will be considered not to be a member and you must pay for the year that dues were not paid in order to be reinstated as a member.

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3. Our Spring dinner is coming up fast,  April 8th.  Please plan on helping if you can.  The hall will be open at 7:30am on April 7th for salad making and preparation.  Call Donna West if you would like to help in the dinning room, or me if you can help in the kitchen.  All help is really appreciated.

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Please keep Andy Fidder and his family  in your prayers.

Hope to see you Tuesday evening.  Laurel


We Laurel & Mike Ratcliffe strives to provide you with the most updated information on this website.

However, due to the large amount  of information we have on this website errors may and will occur.

We need your help in this matter,  We do depend on everyone if you do see something wrong we do apologize. And we do ask for your time to please contact us with the correct information. We will address it as soon as we can.

Mike’s email address is [email protected]

Thanks Laurel & Mike

Let us know if you have a idea for this website this your website as well.


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Flora Grange Spring Dinner

April 8, 2018 Serving: 11:30am & 12:45pm

Large Salad Bar and Roast Beef with ALL the trimmings!

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Flora Grange Hall 2105 Stone Quarry Rd. Belvidere, IL .

Cost: Adults $11.00 Children 5-10 $6.00 Under 5 Free

Reservations Encouraged 815-547-6173 or 815-222-6173

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