June newsletter 2017

Wow, I had better get my act in gear if I want to get the newsletter out before the end of the month. What a “character building year” for farmers and people whose professions lead them into the raining conditions outside.

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Enjoy the Memorial Day weekend and safe travels to all. Remembering our military and our loved ones is why this particular holiday was established.

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June 6-9th  This newsletter is a plea for members to help spread the word about Safety Town. Reservations are coming in very slow, so therefore word of mouth might help. June 6-9th at the Grange Food complex on the Boone County Fairgrounds beginning at 9:00am and ending at 11:00am. The event is entirely free and along with the two safety issues covered every day, snacks, and crafts are also offered. Please help spread the word.

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June 13th  Grange picnic at the hall. Bring a dish to pass and own table service. Gene and Donna West and George McGee and Mary Harbison will be the serving committee. Community Service Awards will be presented.

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June 22nd Ladies night out for the Kirkland Lions Club served by Flora Grange members. Serving will begin at 7:00pm. Help will be needed as serving is family style with two meats.

 June 24-Flora serving Flap Jack breakfast at Applebee’s restaurant in Belvidere.. 

Keep our members who are dealing with health issues in our prayers: Shance Brockman, Rogene Littlejohn, and other of whom I have not been made aware.

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