July 2014 Newsletter

June turned out to be a busy month with a successful Safety Town and great picnic and then the serving of Ladies night for the Kirkland Lions Club. Thanks to all the many workers. Jack and I really appreciate all of your help throughout the year. Without your support we could not do all of our community service projects.
Speaking of community service I am feverlessly working on the book which needs to be turned in by the first part of August and we all know how tired we get during the fair. So if you have projects which have not been turned in, please get them to me soon.
The flagjack fundraiser at Applebee’s on July 26th is fast approaching and we need to sell more tickets. I have plenty of tickets so let me know if you would like some. I also need helpers that day, greeters, servers, and waiters. We know how successful this can be from last year so let’s try to match. Hopefully this can take the place of our two breakfasts at the Moose in January and March. Tickets are $5.00 for all you can eat of bacon, pancakes. butter. syrup and a beverage.
The Salvation Army is collecting items for school children grades Kindergarten thru 8th. We have taken part in this before so let’s do it again. Please take items to the Salvation army at the end of August and be sure and record what you took so I can make a page in the book next year. Items needed can be found at most of the stores in the area.
Then we get to the fair. We are manning the back gate on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. The Tuesday slot is filled and I am working on Thursday and Saturday. If you have a preference, call and we can get it set up. Kyle will be in charge of Thursday morning as I will be in the office most of the fair. Right now I believe I have Val and Jim, Jay Hardy, in the morning and I believe Jen, Jean and Marion in the afternoon. If you have already told me PLEASE refresh my memory as there are many things going on. I do need helpers. Jack would like us to have a meeting at the back gate for workers on Thursday at 6:00pm Sunday, August 3rd. No big changes, but just to revisit the issues for controlling the back gate on that day.
The ham dinner is also on Thursday. Penny Beres offered to be in charge of the ham dinner as she has a food permit and has run the stand before. I graciously accepted the offer but also told her I would secure the helpers for the day. I have Rogene, Val, and ????for working there. I need a few more PLEASE!
Guess what – Then it is time to enjoy the rest of Summer.
Stay safe and appreciate each day the Lord has given you
Looking forward to the end of August. Laurel

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