June 21st – Summer at the Grange

In some ways, summer feels like a “slow time” at the East Sangerville Grange: Driven to soak up every minute of every hour of these warm, lush, green, flowery months, we are far less inclined to spend time indoors. Why wouldn’t we be? This is the time to play and work outside, to gather with friends, take some day trips, or just go spend an afternoon at a local lake or mountain. This is the time when we let ourselves slow down just a little bit, when our busy lives become just a little less busy—at least a busy in a different way–than other times of the year.

With that understanding, we hesitate to hold meetings at the Grange in the summer. We host the annual Center Theatre camp and there will be many weddings held in our beautiful, rustic hall. But we don’t schedule many events. Even our own business slides a bit. People won’t come, after all. They are all out in the garden or working the farm.

At least that has been our habit. Recently, members of the East Sangerville Grange spent some time talking about our work as an organization, our purpose, values, and goals. In short, it all comes down to one thing: community. And so, one wonders: if not meetings in the summer, is there some other way we might remain “active” during these beautiful sun-warmed months? The Grange hall is so bright and inviting this time of year. What a shame to leave it empty.

Perhaps this is the time for the East Sangerville Grange to be just a place of gathering for the sake of gathering. For fellowship and good company. To share a plate of easy food and a cold drink, pull out the instruments, sing a few songs, and tell a few stories.

Perhaps that’s what we should do. Just a thought.

Happy Summer. Enjoy this, the longest day of the year.

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