October “Elmo Rust Recognition”

Please join me in congratulating James and Dawn Niland as our first recognition recipient. Cibolo Grange had gone into reorganization and things were moving slowly to say the least. State Grange Master Brother Jack Smithers pushed on encouraging everyone to just join in and you’ll see it will be great! His words have rung true largely due to dynamic individuals Like James and Dawn. They both have contributed so much over the last few months that I feel the need to speak of each person separately even though they are on the family plan with their daughter.

First James; he has stepped up so many times I lost count. Contributions like taking the trash cans to the street for pick up, cutting grass, cleaning the outside area. His big impact lay in his knowledge and skills, a professional landscaper by day and a handy man by night (at the Grange hall). Our maintenance days would not have been so successful if it weren’t for his knowledge, skills, and advice. If we needed equipment there he was, a ladder, paint mixer, hoses, and the list continues! His contacts and friendship from years of living in Cibolo proved valuable, James was able to secure some primer and paint from Southwest Exteriors. Donna and her crew at Southwest Exteriors are great folks who represent what the company desires towards corporate civic responsibility.

About Dawn; we have all heard the saying that behind every great man….well Dawn is that lady! I remember her saying when she joined, “I work weekends so I won’t be able to do much”. Of course our statement to her was, “come on out and just do what you are comfortable with.” Simply put I would be flabbergasted to see what she could do if she “had time”. To date she is responsible for nine new members, helping supply lunch for maintenance days, and took over the hosting of the Cibolo National Night Out! (NNO). The NNO went from small to large, to small and then to WOW what an event. Estimated attendance was just over 200 although some put it closer to 300 over the course of the evening. James also got into the action doing his impression of the BBQ chef. Dawn contacted vendors, posted signage, and personally invited the entire neighborhood. The amount of work that goes into an event like this can not be overstated!

Dawn stated when told about this recognition, “Our family has resided in Schertz-Cibolo for 50+ years. James and I raised our family on Schlather St. We love our quaint little community and are very excited to become more involved as new Texas Cibolo Grange members. It has been our pleasure making new friends as we have become more acquainted with The Grange.”

It is easy to see that they live our motto of “American Values and Hometown roots.” For this and so much more you have our gratitude, respect, and friendship!

Congratulations James and Dawn