April 2014, Elmo Rust Award

Please join me in congratulating Juan and Pat Soliz as our Elmo Rust Award recipient!. Cibolo Grange has completed a full year after reorganization and things are moving at break neck speed now. Much of what we have accomplished can be attributed to Juan and Pat. They have proven themselves to be great friends of the Grange!

First Juan; he has been a saving grace so many times I lost count. His big impact lay in his knowledge and skills, a professional mason by day and a handy man by night (at the Grange hall). There have been many days I met him at the Grange at 9 PM and we would work till one or two am to get the hall ready for an event. This would be amazing on its own merit but when you consider he had just completed 12 hours of mason work….WOW! That’s dedication! Our maintenance days would not have been so successful if it weren’t for his knowledge, skills, and advice. I am proud to say he is my mentor and a friend!

About Pat; we have all heard the saying that behind every great man….well Pat is that lady! I remember her joining as a founding member of the reorganization, the excitement in her voice echoed as she spouted several ideas to make the Grange an active part of the Cibolo Community. Needless to say she has not let us down! Keep taking those great photos for the community service book!

They are a tremendous example of the motto “American Values and Hometown roots” and living the“American Dream.” For this and so much more you have our gratitude, respect, and friendship!

Congratulations Juan, Pat, and the entire Soliz Family!