The greatness of any organization can be traced back to the cummlative abilities and energy of it’s members. Our Grange must not only be aware of that fact but recognize it and those individuals who have demonstrated excellence. Keep in mind it is easy to see those who contribute in large events but least we forget those who we count on time and again, those who always say yes, those who avoid the lime light, the back bone of the organization.

This is our effort to do just that! I would like to call this recognition “The Elmo Rust Recognition.” Mr. Rust was a Cibolo Grange Master and a community activist. He tiressly worked towards the betterment of the community he loved. His work is well documented in the Seguin Gazette paper. That in itself is not the true testiment to his life of service but to even a greater extent is the marker placed under the oak tree at the Cibolo Grange Hall by those who knew and loved him. Both he and his wife have passed on now but his love and devotion¬† to the Grange and the Cibolo communitity lives on in it’s current members.

I hope that you return to this page to review each “Elmo Rust recognition” recipient, post your comments or send an uplifting email just to let them know how much they are appreciated.