About the Cibolo Grange

The Grange was established in 1867 as an agricultural/rural support organization. The Cibolo Grange #1541 was originally chartered in 1941. The Grange has strong ties in the community, hosting many activities throughout the year. Even the building has a story to tell as a POW camp in WW2.
A summary taken from Judy Womack’s Cibolo Texas: The Early Years contain history regarding the Cibolo Grange:
From its formation in 1941 the Cibolo Grange has been a vital part of  its community and helped anyone who was in need. A permanent building was moved from Camp Swift in Bastrop in 1948, and the structure has proudly resided on Main Street.Each year Grangers held blood drives, cooked benefit chicken dinners, sponsored radio broadcasts, installed street markers where there had been none. developed a volunteer fire department, and sponsored all community activities. One cold Christmas Eve in 1956 Grangers dug trenches for a fire station because donated concrete had to be used by that date. Once again the group did what was needed.
In recent times the Grange has sponsored a yearly Thanksgiving with the troops where young recruits were given a day of home cooking and hospitality. They also have been a part of crafts including the making of quilts for veterans. It seems Grangers always reach out to help others.
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