Welcome to the California State Grange

The 8,300 members of 182 Community Granges of California  have served communities across the state since 1873.  Major James W.A. Wright was the first Master (President) of the California State Grange in 1873 and the primary author of the National Grange Declaration of Purposes which was adopted in 1874.

There have been 34 State Grange Masters with the longest serving being George Sehlmeyer who filled the office for 31 years, beginning in 1929.

On February 15, 2014 nearly 40 Granges came together to discuss the possibility of reorganizing the California State Grange, that was previously revoked.  After months of work …. On July 12, 2014, the California State Grange was reorganized under the Digest of Laws of the National Grange, and by request of the Community and Pomona Granges in California who were in compliance with the Grange rules. As the conclusion of that reorganization, the National Grange restored the charter of the California State Grange. All Grange authority in California rests with the Master and Executive Committee of the chartered California State Grange, as provided for in the Digest. Ed Komski is the Master, Lillian Booth is the Secretary, and Bob Clouse, Johnny Squire, and Inger Bevins are the Executive Committee members.  We were elected by our fellow California Patrons pursuant to the Digest and the By-Laws of the reorganized State Grange. We are committed to the principles of the Grange, and  are recognized by the National Grange as the proper leaders of the State Grange.