Quarterly Reporting

On April 5, 2013, the Charter of the California State Grange was revoked. Under Grange law that means that they no longer exist. Under California State law, parent organizations do have a right to revoke Charters and while the California State Grange leadership is disputing our right and ability to do so, that is a matter that will ultimately be settled in court unless we can find a way to settle this matter sooner.

Meanwhile, the National Grange Digest of Laws and the California State Grange By-Laws are in agreement with what is supposed to happen. The funds collected by the National Grange on behalf of the CSG are being held in trust for the eventual reorganization of the State Grange.

Each Grange is expected to follow the Digest and By-Laws and report their membership on the attached quarterly report and pay their dues to the National Grange. There are no State dues owed as there is no State Chartered entity at this time.

For questions, please contact Bob Clouse, the State Grange Deputy at 916-988-3457 or bob@clouseins.com.

Download the Grange Quarterly Report Form here.

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