Notification letter to California Grange regarding Grange Trial Court with Jon Luvaas

July 10, 2013

To all California Community and Pomona Granges,

Jon Luvaas had a complaint with five (5) charges filed against him by certain members of the California State Grange. An Arbitration Panel was appointed as per the Digest of Laws Chapter 12 and they voted that the charges had merit. A Grange Trial Court was then appointed and held a Grange trial. The second item of the first charge was dismissed and Mr. Luvaas was found guilty of the remainder of the first charge and the four remaining charges by a unanimous vote. The appeal period expired on June 25, 2013 with no appeal filed by any of the parties.

Therefore it is my duty to notify you of the findings of the Grange Trial Court that:

  • In accordance with Article 12.2.13 (A) (2) of the National Grange Code of Judicial Law, Jon Luvaas shall be suspended from Grange membership for a period of two (2) years; and in accordance with Article 12.2.13 (A) (3) shall be removed from all offices held in any division of the Grange for the remainder of his term of office and prohibited from holding any office in the Grange for a period of four (4) years.
  • In accordance with Article 12.2.13 (B) that Jon Luvaas shall be responsible for reimbursing the National Grange for all trial costs prior to applying for reinstatement as a member.


Ed Luttrell, Master
The National Grange

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