Response to February letter regarding state Grange charter suspension

Brothers and Sisters,

You may have received a letter on February 28, 2013 via email from Bob McFarland which made a number of statements which need to be corrected.

There is no ruling from the Superior Court of California that the National Grange is in violation of. The National Grange sought extraordinary and interim relief from the Superior Court in Sacramento. The Judge denied the National Granges’ request for an injunction. The lawsuit in State Court will proceed to a trial. There is no order from a Court preventing the National Grange from enforcing its internal rules. The rules governing our organization, i.e. the Digest of Laws and the California State Grange By-Laws should be obeyed by our members. Of course the opposing view is the unproven conflict between Grange rules and the laws of the State of California which will be decided in a court of law.

I have never conducted a campaign of misinformation nor of intimidation at any time, much less during this controversy. I am merely trying to enforce the rules in order to protect our members’ rights, the activities of our California Community and Pomona Granges and preserve the integrity of our organization across our great nation.
The members who have accepted the task of being the representatives of the National Grange in California have been strictly instructed to be polite and to tell the truth. What members choose to believe still remains their own choice. Any member who is threatened or experiences any form of intimidation should refer that information to me immediately. These are my deputies and I expect them to represent our Order in an exemplary fashion. I have great confidence in the character of these members.

The National Grange is holding monies in trust for the California State Grange, consistent with the suspension order. In addition, those Granges that have chosen to pay their dues to the National Grange, their funds are being held in trust. Before the National Grange touches a penny of that money, the National Grange Executive Committee will need to take formal action that the delegates will review. This process is clearly outlined within the Digest of Laws and we follow our rules.

It saddens me that the leadership of the suspended California State Grange would choose to be divisive and seek to divide us on emotional arguments rather than to allow our internal process to function.

The National Grange is confident that there is no conflict between Grange law and California law and that in the end, the court will agree with our view.

Fraternally Yours,

Ed Luttrell, President
National Grange

Download this letter.

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