Response to Release Issued by Suspended California State Grange Master

To all members of California Granges,

We are aware of a release sent by your suspended State Grange Master.

The alert contains many misstatements. As previously indicated the California State Grange Charter has been duly suspended consistent with Grange Law. There is no order by any court permitting the California State Grange to operate in violation of the duly authorized suspension order. The California State Grange continues to violate Grange Law, which threatens very the existence of our organization. We have internal judicial procedures which will be administered and scrupulously followed to adjudicate these egregious violations.

On a separate track the National Grange has instituted litigation against the California State Grange and certain of its Executive Committee members to enforce Grange Law, specifically the suspension order of the Charter. As a component of the litigation, the National Grange moved the Court for an extraordinary order to preliminarily prevent the State Grange through its Executive Committee from taking certain actions, prior to a trial. The Court declined to allow this interim extraordinary relief. The Court made no determination on the facts of the case and made no determination that any Grange Law violated or conflicted with any State or Federal Law. There will be a future trial on the issue and we are confident that  Grange Law will be vindicated and our internal procedures will be preserved.

Importantly, no threats have been made nor should retaliation be a concern. The serious concern is the willingness to follow Grange Law by our membership. By virtue of the suspension order  of the California Charter we request that Grange Law be followed and as previously indicated all reports and dues be directed to the National Grange.

Fraternally Yours,

Ed Luttrell, President
National Grange

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