Letter concerning dues reporting

Members of the California State Grange:

On September 17, 2012, the California State Grange Charter was suspended due to actions of its Executive Committee.  The Executive Committee has failed to comply with Grange rules and principles that have guided the Grange for almost 150 years.  Specifically, this Executive Committee has refused to accept the suspension of California Grange Master Bob McFarland pending trial for violations of Grange rules and has refused to acknowledge the authority of the National Grange.

In a recent communication the Executive Committee stated, “Under California law, the National Grange had no authority to suspend our State Master or our Charter.”  This statement is inconsistent with Grange law.  The Grange is a national organization and the National Grange has the responsibility to enforce the organization’s rules.  The supremacy of Grange law has been borne out more than once in the past and pending legal procedures in California will confirm this once again.

In the meantime, given that the California State Grange is in suspension, the National Grange is managing the business of the CSG.  Accordingly, until further notice, ALL Community and Pomona dues should be paid directly to the National Grange office.  Payments should be sent to The National Grange, 1616 H Street NW, Washington, DC  20006, attention Controller, Amber Bell.  Ms. Bell and I will make sure your Granges are properly credited and the funds are segregated from National funds.

Once legal action has been completed all CSG business transactions will revert back to the state level.  We have asked former CSG President Bob Clouse to be the “Deputy in Charge” of CSG business (during the suspension of the State Grange Charter) until such time as the suspension order is revoked. Bob’s phone number is (916) 988-3457 and his email is bob@clouseins.com.

Members of the Executive Committee of the State Grange have engaged in a negative public relations campaign regarding the current dispute. This is inconsistent with the goals of our organization and jeopardizes the due process rights provided in our internal procedures. It is of paramount importance to preserve the integrity of the structure of the Grange. The facts establishing the basis of the suspension of McFarland will be tried consistent with Grange judicial procedures. Matters are at a serious tipping point in California and I urge those of you who wish to preserve this fine organization to get involved and take some positive action.

We will be updating members through the website: http://www.grange.org/californiastate/.  If you desire email notification, please send your email address to swilkins@nationalgrange.org. Your email will be kept secure and only used for Grange communication.

Fraternally Yours,

Ed Luttrell, President
The National Grange

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