Charter suspension notification

Due to actions of your Executive Committee, I, with the advice and consent of the National Grange Executive Committee, was forced to suspend the Charter of the California State Grange on September 17, 2012, based on the determination that the good of the order requires such action.

Attached is the suspension document. It is our hope and goal to reinstate the Charter of the State Grange as quickly as the current situation can be resolved.

This suspension will not impact your Grange activities at the Community or Pomona level. However, as of this date, your upcoming State Session will be canceled until further notice. All activities of the State Grange will be coordinated through the National Grange until the issues surrounding the suspension are is resolved. Please contact the National Grange Deputy, Bob Clouse, for any Grange business concerning your Community or Pomona Grange. Bob’s phone is (916) 988-3457 and email is

Our structure and rules gives our Community, Pomona, and State Granges great flexibility and autonomy, but it also requires that they follow our fundamental rules. By their actions, the majority of your Executive Committee has chosen to attempt to obliterate our structure and rules which have been in place and adhered to since 1873.

It is clear that there is dysfunction within the State Grange and that dissension and deep divisions within the California Grange exist. These are problems that must be resolved to ensure that the Order moves forward. This issue is not one of personalities, but of fundamental rules and structure.

From the last issue of the California Grange News it is apparent that part of the leadership of the California State Grange has and continues to make statements and claims that are not accurate or conducive to harmony and unity. These and similar actions by other members are contrary to the philosophy of our organization. The National Grange will continue to protect the rights of every member, including the suspended Master, while protecting the integrity of our Order. This means we cannot discuss the charges against him. The suspended Master is provided due process rights under Grange Law and will have the ability to defend the charges against him.

Our organization has served the State of California for the past 139 years and without following our principles as stated in the By-Laws it is not possible to ensure the sustainability and growth of our Order. I encourage your Grange to continue your good work on behalf of your communities. I ask that each member remember their obligations and have patience through these trying times.

Fraternally Yours,

Ed Luttrell, President
National Grange

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