Notification of suspension of State Master

Dear Patrons,

I write today to inform you of action taken to suspend the California State Master, Brother Bob McFarland, from his office, effective Aug. 6, 2012. After an investigation, conducted at my request by a National Grange Officer who does not serve on the Executive Committee, into several serious issues brought to my attention, and careful consideration of that officer’s findings, I have filed charges against Brother McFarland. When the National Master files charges against a State Master, the State Master is immediately suspended from duties until such time that the Grange judicial process is completed.

The National Grange Digest of Laws demands we protect the rights of all members, including the suspended Master during the process. Because of this, myself, the investigating officer and all members involved with this matter will not discuss any details of this case.

This issue should be tried internally in the Grange judicial process, not in the public arena where the rights and reputation of members are not protected. At this time Brother McFarland is suspended as Master and has no authority to act as such. Sister Stefenoni as the State Grange Overseer is the Acting Master until this matter has completed the Grange judicial process.

Fraternally Yours,

Ed Luttrell, President
National Grange

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