New Information for Hall Rentals

360-810-2083 – [email protected]


Are you looking for a great local place within the community to host your family or social event?  Consider the Black Lake Grange as your venue!

Our Grange Hall is a hidden community gem that has hosted hundreds and hundreds of events for local schools, families and organizations.  Originally built as a one-room schoolhouse, the building is now owned by the Black Lake Grange, a fraternal, grass-roots organization committed to providing service and support to people of rural Washington.  We are conveniently located in Southwest Olympia, next to the Black Lake / McLane Fire Station on Black Lake Boulevard.

The Black Lake Grange hall offers competitive pricing, seating for 100, stage, internet and a separate small kitchen.

Contact Cathie Nielson, our Hall Rental Chairman at 360-810-2083 for further information, or send an email to [email protected]

Hall Improvements Continue

We continue to work enhancements to our hall.  Painting has begun again after a brief break to accommodate holiday hall rentals.  As well, we have scheduled the electrical contractor for the first part of March to continue and finalize those scheduled improvements.

We strive to make Black Lake Grange a place you would want to spend time.  Comfortable, safe and appealing.  Drop by sometime and see the work we have done, and talk to us about our future plans!

Recapping a Fantabulous Year at Black Lake Grange

This past year has been such a very busy time for us.  We’ve been very involved with Grange activities, social and community events, as well as busy with maintenance chores on our building.

Grange Activities:
This year, Black Lake Grange hosted the Silver Star and Golden Sheaf celebration for the Thurston County Pomona, as well as annual county-wide Christmas Dinner.  In sad reflection, but in honored remembrance, we draped the charter during a grange ceremony for treasured members Lila Jones and Rita Goldsby this past year to honor each of their lives.

Social and Community Activities:
For the second year in a row, we opened our doors to the community by putting on a family Spaghetti Dinner night; a hearty Fisherman’s Breakfast; and a wonderful and informative Fall Festival.  Some favorite annual events included the Cousins Holiday Bazaar and the Election Candidate Forums.

Hall Improvements:
Inside our doors, we’ve made some necessary building improvements  including replacing our aged furnace system and upgrading the antiquated electrical service.  We’ve also taken the opportunity to freshen up our hall with a bright new coat of paint and are making some other cosmetic changes as well.  In doing so, we are keeping at the forefront of our minds the importance of maintaining the historical integrity of the building and work with applied reverence.  We do not forget that we walk in the hallowed halls of the one-room Black Lake Schoolhouse.  What a treasure trove of memories in this building!

So – as the New Year approaches, please take the opportunity to drop in to see what new and exciting things will be going on in 2015!!

Pomona Grange Forums Scheduled – Please Attend !!

The Washington State Grange will be hosting four Pomona Workshops around the state.  Every member that has an interest in the Pomona level of the Grange is welcome to attend – but we are especially hoping that Pomona officers will attend.

At these workshops, there will be a time for everyone to read and study what the National Grange Digest and the Washington State Grange constitution & By-Laws say about the operation of Pomona Granges.  We will also be taking some time to discuss what changes may need to be considered for the future Pomona level of the Grange.

The goal with these three workshops is to learn from what our governing documents tell us about the Pomona and its purpose, and to hear from all present on what the future holds for Pomonas and its place in our order.

The more representatives we have from each of our local Pomona Granges that attend these workshops, the more we can effect change in all of our Pomona Granges across the state.  Strong or weak – your Pomona can have a voice and will effectively get a new perspective of how other Pomonas are working – or not.

January 4 – Sunday – 3pm, at Newaukum Grange #198, Lewis County
January 11 – Sunday – 3pm at Garden City Grange #280, Snohomish County
January 19 – Monday – 3pm at Williams Valley Grange #452, Stevens County
January 25 – Sunday – 3pm at Outlook Grange #256, Yakima County

125th Annual Convention – June 23-28 – in Vancouver, WA

You won’t want to miss the upcoming 125th Annual Washington State Grange convention this year in Vancouver.  Set to take place the final week this month – June 23-28, there are so many activities and wonderful things planned to help celebrate 125 years of Community Service and Involvement in Washington State.

Check out the schedule here:


Spaghetti Dinner – February 15 – 5:30

2014 SpaghettiDinnerFlier

Come and Share In the Fun !!

MIA Derby Girls join with Black Lake Grange in presenting our 2nd Annual Spaghetti Dinner.   Dinner is served on skates – can’t get that anywhere else in town!

Spaghetti with meat or vegetarian sauce, rolls, salad, dessert and a drink.
Gluten-free options are available.

Let us cook dinner and provide some entertainment as well.