I do need your help in this effort !

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Dear Big Thunder Grange Member’s

If you have information you would like to see on this website please let me know. [email protected]

This is your website I’m willing to show anyone how to put information on this website. Contact me at your earliest convenience I will come and meet with you.

The public Library or anywhere has WiFi. I do live in West Chicago Illinois. So am about two hours away from Belvidere I am willing to show anyone how to do this or we can do over the phone. There’s nothing to be scared about I have been doing the website for the Illinois State Grange for Fifteen  years. I also do the website for Flora Grange. For the past Eight years. My phone number is 630-605-6538 .It’s been a great  learning experience.Image result for wise quotes

Thank-you  Mike Ratcliffe

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