April newsletter 2017

By Ruth Bunger, Secretary

Big Thunder Grange #1940 Master Dave Geske brought the meeting to order at 7:00pm.

Official opening was performed and pledge to the flag was followed by the opening prayer.

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We had a small group of 11 Grange members due to the cold damp weather.  Reports were given with

Ag from Randy Bunger, Legislative from Gordie Butt, Advertising from Al Henninger and Fair Board news was given by Dave Geske.  Our Boone County Fair Board is busy getting the fair ready for this year. Everything is going well and have almost everything planned . Image result for boone county fair

Winter storage removal has been busy for the past weekends.  This weekend ends storage.  We had a very good turnout helping with the storage.

Our Grangers will be providing a meal for our Habitat For Humanity in May.  This will be a great meal for the volunteers that work in building the home for the special chosen family  .

Meeting ended with closing ceremony followed by prayer with Sharyn Geske.

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March newsletter 2017

Big Thunder News By Al and Darlene Henninger,

With Prairie and Big Thun- der Grangers opening the March 23rd meeting, Randy Bunger gave the Ag report stating that most of the Ag products are down in price.  With the milk prices down, it really makes it hard on the farmers.

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Dave Geske gave the Fair- board report and the schedule for winter storage removal:  Sat. 4/15, 4/22  and 4/29-9 am to 2 pm; Sun. 4/16 and 4/23-9 am to 12 pm.

Habitat for Humanity is building another house for the needy and has asked Big Thunder Grange to serve a lunch for the workers on at least one day

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Wally Fuch gave the Chap- lain’s report.  He stated the funds in that account are down to the bare minimum.

Iris Humphry is to find a date for Big Thunder to serve breakfast at  Applebee’s as a money making project. We voted to sponsor the queens at the cancer walk with $250. The Jim Marks Scholarship Committee will meet after the meeting to pick the winner of the scholarship.
Sharyn Geske reported that she and Queen, and 1st and 2nd runners up will be attend- ing the Miss Amazing Event in Naperville as buddies to girls and women with disabilities ages 5 to 82 years of age.

Fair Pageant 5

1Bonnie Davis and Jim Lan- gendorf served lunch with the help of Randy and Ruth Bung- er-our famous soup makers.

21 members were in atten- dance plus Phyllis Schumaker who was there before the meet- ing but had to leave as she was not feeling well.  We ask for your prayers for Phyllis.

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I do need your help in this effort !

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Dear Big Thunder Grange Member’s

If you have information you would like to see on this website please let me know. [email protected]

This is your website I’m willing to show anyone how to put information on this website. Contact me at your earliest convenience I will come and meet with you.

The public Library or anywhere has WiFi. I do live in West Chicago Illinois. So am about two hours away from Belvidere I am willing to show anyone how to do this or we can do over the phone. There’s nothing to be scared about I have been doing the website for the Illinois State Grange for Fourteen years. I also do the website for Flora Grange. For the past Seven years. It’s been a great  learning experience.Image result for wise quotes

Thank-you  Mike Ratcliffe