Newsletter from November and December 2016

News From Big Thunder Grange By Al and Darlene Henninger, Reporters Big Thunder Grange met Nov. 17th with Randy Bunger giving the Agriculture report.  He stated that commodities are not too good at this time. Crops are getting harvested.  He also reported on the Veterinary Feed Directive which begins Jan 1, 2017, on antibiotics in feed.  Prices are going down in feed and on ag products so you can see a very slow decrease in the prices at the store.

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Phyllis Schumaker, Community Service Chair, thanked everyone for saving the Box tops for the church school and the articles to be sent to the Veterans

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. Sheri Konieczki reported on the Junior Grange activities. Gordon Butt, Legislative Chair, reported on the Presidential election; that Gov. Rauner is trying to get a budget passed and that we have two new  County Board members.

Al Henninger reported on the Jewels and Jean Dinner put on by the Keen Age Center which was honoring the Granges in the county for their Community Service to the community.  Al gave a short report on what each Grange does for the community

.  Lyle Lee gave a short report on the Pomona Grange. John and Al Henninger auctioned off all the desserts that were donated.  This brought in about $3700 for the Keen Age Center

. Dean Page, Membership Chair, reported we have two new members: Mr. and Mrs. Ron Mamos. Dave Geske gave a report on the Fair Board meeting and told of the entertainment that has been selected for next year’s fair.   Dean Page reported that there is going to be new electric posts and more electric in the Camping Area

. Randy Bunger will deliver the Thanksgiving basket plus all the extra food to a needy lady. Big Thunder members will be ringing the Salvation Army Bell at Shop-Ko on Nov. 30.

We will also be doing Home Town Christmas again and giving the Tree and Gift Certificate to each member of the needy family we have chosen.  Randy and Dave will be delivering the tree and gifts to the needy family for Christmas. The Ed Marks Scholarship was discussed: applicants must be a senior going to study agriculture, live in Boone County and have done 40 hours of Community Service

. Our Christmas potluck was held Dec. 15th.

Big Thunder November newsletter 2016.

Wrote by Al and Darlene Henninger, Reporters President Dave Geske announced that we would be meeting the 3rd Thursday in November and December due to Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The dates are Nov. 17th and Dec. 15th.  He also announced that Mike Mundy, a member of Capron Grange and a  Fair Board Director, had died that morning and asked that we have a moment of silent prayer for him.   It was decided to send flowers and a monetary gift in his memory.
Phyllis Schumaker, Community Service Chair, asked that we bring our donations of toiletries to the next meeting so we can have a good supply to send to the Vets Hospital for Christmas. She also asked for labels and box tops for the school.

Gordon Butt, Legislative Chair, asked everyone to be sure and get out and vote for both the county and presidential elections. Al Henninger reported on the Jewels and Jeans Program and Auction put on by the Keen Age Center.  He announced that they will be honoring the Granges in Boone County for all their community service.

Our Junior Grangers, Kayla, Chloe and riley Konieczki, will be presenting the flag. Dave Geske reported that the Fair Board budget commit
tee will meet Nov. 14th at 6:30 pm and the fair audit will be Nov.16th at 6:30 pm. Big Thunder Grange donated the $400 made on the Doll & Buggy with all the extras which were all donated by Connie Lawson.

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Thank you from Walter Fuchs for the cards and gifts when he had his heart attack. Iris Humphry is to get all the supplies needed for us to serve the Pomona Grange on Nov. 2nd.

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Chystalyn Mays, Lecturer, gave a report on the bank fraud going on and warned us to be very careful and to go to your bank if you get any calls or letters.  Bonnie Miley also reported that they have already arrested 61 people on the IRS fraud.

16 members attended

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I do need your help in this effort !

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Dear Big Thunder Grange Member’s

If you have information you would like to see on this website please let me know. [email protected]

This is your website I’m willing to show anyone how to put information on this website. Contact me at your earliest convenience I will come and meet with you.

The public Library or anywhere has WiFi. I do live in West Chicago Illinois. So am about two hours away from Belvidere I am willing to show anyone how to do this or we can do over the phone. There’s nothing to be scared about I have been doing the website for the Illinois State Grange for Fourteen years. I also do the website for Flora Grange. For the past Seven years. It’s been a great  learning experience.Image result for wise quotes

Thank-you  Mike Ratcliffe