August Newsletter 2017

Report From Big Thunder Grange By Ruth Bunger, Secretary Big Thunder Grange #1940  held our monthly meeting on Aug. 24 at the Boone County Grange Hall. Dave Geske, our Master, brought our meeting to order with the opening ceremony at 7 pm followed by opening prayer given by Darlene Henninger. We had a small group of 12 people with two guests who ended up joining the Grange. We welcomed Nancie Winke and Marcus Kielgast, an exchange student from Denmark, with open arms. What an honor! The Boone County Fair had ideal weather and a very good turnout. We had a total of 211,400 in attendance this year. We were up every day!! Everything went well. We had a record breaker for our attendance for this year.  Fun was had by all and everyone needs to be thanked for all the hard work they put forth.  Thank You! If it wouldn’t be for Grangers, we wouldn’t have been so successful. The meeting ended with the closing ceremony followed by prayer by Darlene. “God Bless Everyone!”

I do need your help in this effort !

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Dear Big Thunder Grange Member’s

If you have information you would like to see on this website please let me know. [email protected]

This is your website I’m willing to show anyone how to put information on this website. Contact me at your earliest convenience I will come and meet with you.

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The public Library or anywhere has WiFi. I do live in West Chicago Illinois. So am about two hours away from Belvidere I am willing to show anyone how to do this or we can do over the phone. There’s nothing to be scared about I have been doing the website for the Illinois State Grange for Fifteen  years. I also do the website for Flora Grange. For the past Eight years. My phone number is 630-605-6538 .It’s been a great  learning experience.

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Thank-you  Mike Ratcliffe