View from the Hill Blog from the National Grange Legislative Director on the “Monsanto Protection Act”

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Grace Boatwright, the National Grange Legislative Director, writes:

“In the past few weeks, I’ve received a few calls here at the office regarding what many are calling the “Monsanto Protection Act.” There seems to be some confusion about what it is and what it does, so I’m going to try and clear things up.

To begin, its formal name is not the “Monsanto Protection Act.” That’s the name that critics have assigned to Section 735 of the continuing resolution signed by President Obama in March. As a provision of the continuing resolution, Section 735 grants the USDA the authority to TEMPORARILY grant permits or deregulation of a crop whose use is being debated in court. That sounds bad but is really nothing new. In fact, this has been the USDA’s practice for quite sometime, but now it’s on paper and “official.””

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