Bedford Grange to Offer Obligation Ceremony

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Monday, April 22nd at 8:00 pm
First Church of Christ, Congregational
25 The Great Road
Bedford, MA

Our Master (President) writes on his blog at Bedford Patch:

Grange members consider themselves a part of a big, interconnected family. We care about each other and check in when things happen in each other’s lives. I live in Roslindale and work at Old South Church in Copley Square, and I haven’t been able to go to work this week and have spent this Friday morning in lock down mode per request of the city.

Yet there in my Facebook Feed, in my e-mail, and text messages are the loving and tender messages from Grange friends all over the country asking about my health and the city I love. There is a connection deeper than friendship shown among Grange members and that is why we call ourselves brothers and sisters.

As a family, the Grange has its own traditions and ceremonies. We have a ceremonial opening and closing to our Grange meetings. We welcome new members through an obligation ceremony that introduces them to the Grange and its aims and objectives. We have ceremonies called “Degrees” that even more fully explain the symbolism of the Grange and introduce members to different levels of the Grange organization.

These ceremonies may seem to be outdated and antiquated, but I feel that they are an indispensible part of what the Grange is. They are a link to our storied past and a great introduction to our organization for new members. I like the idea that I can travel the country and with some regional variations, know that I am at a Grange meeting and connected through ritual to great people across the country.

Come and find out more about the amazing nature of our great organization and perhaps take the Obligation Ceremony and join. We swing wide the doors of friendship and bid you welcome!

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