Meeting Notes 4-6-17

Committee Reports:

Sunshine- 9 cards were sent out, and Gladys’ Son passed away please keep them in your prayers.

Juniors- Met on the 4th for their craft night, not many juniors at this meeting but we made Bunny Mobile’s. Twinkies, cookies, Bunny peeps, and chocolate covered pretzels. Everyone had a good time.

Building/Grounds- Pest control came out and was able to spray the outside of the building, inside will be scheduled at another time. We have planned to get new mulch down in the flower beds before Breakfast with the Bunny on the 15th.

Communications- Pamphlet from Camp Baker, updating us on their progress and requesting donations. The DEED to the Land is here!!

Unfinished Business:

Ashley Williams was obligated in our meeting this evening, even though she was voted in as a member in September.

July 4th is coming up and we are running out booth at the Chesterfield County Fair Grounds for the Firework Event. We will be working with a minimal menu. If you can help with this, parking for vendors will be in the parking lots at the baseball fields behind Bird High School with a shuttle running to bring you to the gate. The parking by the trailers in front of Bird High School will be for Handicap ONLY. Prep starts at 12-1pm and if you are coming to work please be there no later than 4pm.

Gladys’ Son Ricky passed away while at work Tuesday the 4th at 2pm. At this time our prayers are with Gladys and plans for a small get together will be announced soon.

Basket Bingo was a success, we did not have much in attendance but similar to past Basket Bingos. Thank you to all who helped, all the proceeds went to our Education Fund at the Grange.

Reverse Raffle was a great time. Thank you to everyone that was involved. Thank you to Becky and Sandra for selling the most tickets, Janet with everything and calling. Ernie won the big prize, way to go Ernie!! We had great feed back from members and non-member’s. We sold 162 out of 300 tickets, and the proceeds went to help our Juniors. If you think you won a prize please see Melinda.

A motion was made and seconded to continue to have the Raffle as an annual fund raiser. Along with any issues or rules to be adjusted, and was passed.

Grange Month is this month and to kick it off we have our first event the Health and Wellness Fair from 10am to 2pm. Light healthy snacks will be provided, many vendors offering services and information to get you going and keep you going. Breakfast with the Bunny is next on the calendar, April 15th. Yard Sale forms are available with Jen or Stephanie, please complete the form and payment turned in ASAP, space is limited. $10 for outside spaces $20 for inside spaces to be held April 22nd.

Farmer’s Market has been very enjoyable. You should volunteer to come out and just speak with people about the Grange. Kim met one lady who was a Grange member back in the 80’s who received a donation of a Seeing Eye Dog and still is grateful to this day for everything the Grange has done for her.  This is just one of the many great stories you will hear at the Farmers Market in Colonial Heights. The Farmers Market is soon to go under committee ownership, Melinda looked into what it would take for the Grange to continue to maintain a booth all year long.

A motion was made and seconded to pay of the yearly membership to continue to have a booth at the Colonial Heights Farmers Market. It was passed.

New Business:

Larry would like to get assistants with an idea of painting our Kitchen at the Chesterfield County Fair Grounds. There will be two paintings on either sides of our building that look like farm scenes. A motion was made and seconded that we donate materials for whatever Larry needs to make this possible. It was passed!

Pam has been in contact with Matt DiNardo with WRIC Weather Team and he would like to come speak to the Juniors and any adults about the weather and weather preparedness on a Wednesday or Thursday evening. Lets get that scheduled!

Lately we have had more inquires about WiFi at the Grange Building, especially with our Vendor events. It has been looked into on how much it would cost us to get WiFi, it will be a minimal increase from our current phone provider. A motion was made and seconded that the Grange Building to get WiFi, and was passed.

Members Sick or in Distress

Crystal’s Father in Law passed just this morning, family in Colorado are handling things right now. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

Gladys’ Son Ricky passed this week keep her in your prayers

John Walters was supposed to have surgery but has been postponed keep him and his family in your prayers.

Sandra’s brother and sisters are having major health issues please keep them in your prayers.

Kim’s mom has a leaking hernia and a spot on her breast. She is a breast cancer survivor so please keep her in your prayers that this is not coming back.

John Paskel having surgery on his colon, please pray for him.

Julia Williams is having health issues and the passing of her dog Candy, please keep her in your prayers.

Dillon’s Mom is doing good since her procedure, thank you for you thoughts and prayers.

Cheryl’s Mom is doing bad please keep her in your prayers.

Nick’s Grandma is slowing becoming blind, please keep her in your prayers.



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