Meeting Notes 7-6-17

Sorry for the lack of communication lately, we have been busy bees and summer fun has gotten in the way. Here is the update from our last meeting, if you have any questions or comments please leave them here or on our Facebook Page. (Notes taken by Jayna)

Notes from Thursday’s Meeting:
7/29 – Pamona Meeting at Beach Grange – we have a rental conflict so date and/or location may change.
8/5 – Quilt Blocks due. See Melinda for details.

Juniors – no update

Sunshine – no update

Building and grounds – Fair building got rave reviews. Thanks Larry and all others who helped him get this done! Thanks to the membership for allowing him to do this.

Bingo – met 2 weeks ago. Changes to program and numbers of players vs. payout are coming. Need volunteers for Friday night bingos.

Basket bingo – check presented to Jeffrey Reed Foundation. Brought his dad to tears. They were concerned about funds and being able to keep going with this. Check provided when with scholarships for the next 2 1/2 years! Jeff Reed as a boy was a boy scout that met at the Grange building who’s troop leader was Rob and Mel. Jeff Reed passed during his deployment and went to school at L C Bird, there is now a scholarship fund and veteran assistance fund in his name. (WOW!)

Unfinished Business – 4th of July went wonderful! Bags and prepped packages were very nice. Sales lost because no credit/debit cards accepted. Will look into having square app for the fair! Pricing was better than all other vendors!
National Night Out at Mid Cities – Grange is taking drink machine to sell sodas. See Nick for details!
First Tee Luncheon on June 6th – went well, thanks everyone.
Rental for Colonial Heights Farmer’s Market – NEED VOLUNTEERS! Started selling stew – sold 11 out of 15 first time! Set up – arrive around 8:15 am, opens at 9:00 am and goes until Noon. See Janet or Kimberly if you can volunteer or have questions.

New Business – Fair is coming! August 25th – Sept 2nd. See Facebook for updates from Robert. Becky will check with Rob regarding spraying for bugs at fair building. 8/22 is food buying trip. Make sure you sign in and out when at the fair. This helps us keep track of hours worked for community service book.
Planning a 1/2 stew batch for Sunday 8/13. Need Volunteers to help.
Fall Basket Bingo set for 9/30. Melinda will send out save the dates. To benefit: Journey 4 Hope for Autism. Crystal will get Melinda info on them.
7/19 at 7:00 pm – Kitchen staff meeting at Grange. Need more volunteers – we have lost 3 helpers. Please come if you are interested in working in the kitchen for Friday night bingos.

Suggestions for the good of the Order: Stay Cool, stay hydrated, and don’t talk with your mouth full!

Meeting Notes 5-4-17

Sorry this is late!

New Members: Sarah Kiracofe was voted and obligated in tonight, mother to members Jayna and Jaimie.

Committee Reports:

Sunshine– She was MIA for the meeting but sent word that she had sent out this months Birthday cards, Sympathy, Get Well Soon, and Thinking of You cards.

Juniors– April 18th was our Nature Conversations with the “Bat Lady”, everyone loved hearing about Bats and gardening. April 19th was our Weather Talks with Matt Denardo from Channel 6 News. We donated food to him for his food bank drive, and he recognized the Grange on several of his broadcast. May 2nd was our formal meeting and our craft for Mother’s Day, sorry its a secret till the Mother’s of the Grange receive their present from the Juniors.

Buildings & Grounds– Grass has been mowed, mulch was put down, and the fair building needs to be washed and painted for the season. Thank you to all that have helped with the mulch and to those who will volunteer for the fair building cleanup.


Essays are in and have been decided on, winners will be announced.

Thank you card from Larry Donathan

Thank you card from Lucy Core for the Bunny Visit at Easter

Unfinished Business:

Breakfast with the Bunny was a great turnout, we had a total of 150 people participate and 6 new juniors applications. Thank you to those who helped in the kitchen, Kim for doing crafts and Robin for the photos of those who sat with the Easter Bunny.

Bunny at Lucy Core as always is a wonderful thing to see, if you have never helped with it you should! Jessica got to see Mrs. Fox and Rob got to see an previous neighbor of his. Everyone enjoyed their gifts from the Bunny and please come help next time, it is so rewarding.

Health Fair was not a great turn out but the vendors were amazing. If you missed it Rob (6’5″) went into the “Down and Out” House that the Fire Department brought to show kids how to escape a fire in a mock house. Rob tried to escape through a window that was child sized, very interesting. Let’s hope we get to see this again next year.

Kids Only Bingo was a great turn out and the children were great sportsmanship. We did more than the scheduled 10 games, and there was a lot of prize swapping between the kids. If a kid won more than once they offered their prize to those who didn’t win.

Citizens Award Dinner where we awarded Earl Spencer with the Citizens Award for donating Ice to the Grange at the Fair for the past 20 years! 5 year pins were handed out. Betty Rakley’s Son came to accept her 25 year pin on her behalf. Ernie was award this evening (5/4/17) her 55 year pin.

Lecturer’s Conference in PA was great, got to see some old friends and some folks who were related to others in VA. Took a tour of the wooden quilt blocks and made some of our own. Beach Community Grange will be hosting the 2019 Lecturer’s Conference so be ready!

We have WiFi!!! The Beach Community Grange has finally come into the 21st Century and has set up Wifi for the Building. There will be a Guest password for those who rent or Vendors for our Vendor Bingos and other events. If you have questions on this password please see Rob.

New Business:

Brunswick Stew will be May 28th and 29th. Prep is Sunday May 28th at 6pm and Cooking is Monday May 29th at 6am. We need volunteers for both days, please!

Dictionary Program is coming up again. Bruce Thompson called and wanted to make sure we are still doing our 8 schools this coming year. The Grange was also in the word of the day email from the Dictionary Program in April because they knew it was National Grange month. The word of the day was “Do-er” and Holden Grange in Massachusetts was featured.

Bingo next Friday (May 12) will be short staffed due to an obligation that many members need to attend. Kitchen staff will be covered, Nick will be on the floor and Janet will be calling. Sorry for the short handedness but we will make it through.

July 4th Fair Grounds Fireworks is in prep. Our application and payment has been delivered so we are ready to go to have our Fair Booth open. We need volunteers to help run the booth, Prep is the 4th at Noon to 1pm and Sales at 4pm. If you are volunteering please park at the baseball fields at Byrd High school and take the shuttle to Gate 3. Inform those at Gate 3 that you are with the Grange to help serve as a Vendor, and wear your Grange Shirt and Visor. June 3rd the inside of the building will be cleaned and June 17th or 18th we will move the soda machine. Volunteers will be needed for these dates as well.

First Tee Luncheon is coming up June 6th, so those who can volunteer to help serve lunch will be needed.

Basket Bingo’s and Vendor Bingo’s for next year are in prep. If you know of a non-profit non-government affiliated program that needs donations, please gather some information about them and turn it in to Melinda so it can be voted on as our folks we are sponsoring for these Bingo’s.

Farmers Market is paid for till April 30th of 2018, we have a center spot and will need volunteers to help run our table. Every Saturday the Farmers Market in Colonial Heights is open from 8:30am to 12:30pm. We will have a kit put together for those who will run the table, i.e.: brochures, member packets, table, banner, tent, etc. This is a way to get our information out there and to get back to our roots with Farmers.

Members Sick or in Distress:

Melinda’s Dad had surgery for his Bells Palsey on his eye, and he is doing great.

Jon Walters 98% blockage but came to the meeting and is looking good.

Cathy Maggard  still having issues with her back but doing good.

Literary Program:

Melinda passed out a flyer that gave information on Ticks and Lyme Disease. Virginia is a hot spot for Ticks with Lyme Disease and we all need to make sure this spring and summer that we are watching for Ticks. The flyer gave helpful tips on how to keep ticks at bay from your yard, what to do if you have or find a tick, and warning signs of Lyme Disease. Please keep a watchful eye on yourselves, children, elderly and pets.

Suggestions for the Good of the Order:

Check for Ticks!!!


#150yearsofgrange Update

As you may have seen the Grange is celebrating its 150 years of service. We at Beach Community Grange have been doing it in style this month during Grange Month. We have had a Fools Raffle, to a health fair, to teaching our Juniors about nature/bats and lastly our Breakfast with the Easter Bunny. This month has been a fantastic month for our Juniors and our Members. If you have not RSVP’ed with Melinda for the Membership Recognition Dinner please do so, the dinner is April 25th at 6pm. We want to thank everyone that has come out to help with set up for our events, those who enjoyed each event, and those who continue to serve our community. Remember, we still have some Grange Month activities still to come that are carrying over into May. Take the time to browse this website for details or our Beach Community Grange Facebook page. If you are not yet a member or a parent of a Junior make sure to check us out and our upcoming events to see what we do for our community.

Meeting Notes 4-6-17

Committee Reports:

Sunshine- 9 cards were sent out, and Gladys’ Son passed away please keep them in your prayers.

Juniors- Met on the 4th for their craft night, not many juniors at this meeting but we made Bunny Mobile’s. Twinkies, cookies, Bunny peeps, and chocolate covered pretzels. Everyone had a good time.

Building/Grounds- Pest control came out and was able to spray the outside of the building, inside will be scheduled at another time. We have planned to get new mulch down in the flower beds before Breakfast with the Bunny on the 15th.

Communications- Pamphlet from Camp Baker, updating us on their progress and requesting donations. The DEED to the Land is here!!

Unfinished Business:

Ashley Williams was obligated in our meeting this evening, even though she was voted in as a member in September.

July 4th is coming up and we are running out booth at the Chesterfield County Fair Grounds for the Firework Event. We will be working with a minimal menu. If you can help with this, parking for vendors will be in the parking lots at the baseball fields behind Bird High School with a shuttle running to bring you to the gate. The parking by the trailers in front of Bird High School will be for Handicap ONLY. Prep starts at 12-1pm and if you are coming to work please be there no later than 4pm.

Gladys’ Son Ricky passed away while at work Tuesday the 4th at 2pm. At this time our prayers are with Gladys and plans for a small get together will be announced soon.

Basket Bingo was a success, we did not have much in attendance but similar to past Basket Bingos. Thank you to all who helped, all the proceeds went to our Education Fund at the Grange.

Reverse Raffle was a great time. Thank you to everyone that was involved. Thank you to Becky and Sandra for selling the most tickets, Janet with everything and calling. Ernie won the big prize, way to go Ernie!! We had great feed back from members and non-member’s. We sold 162 out of 300 tickets, and the proceeds went to help our Juniors. If you think you won a prize please see Melinda.

A motion was made and seconded to continue to have the Raffle as an annual fund raiser. Along with any issues or rules to be adjusted, and was passed.

Grange Month is this month and to kick it off we have our first event the Health and Wellness Fair from 10am to 2pm. Light healthy snacks will be provided, many vendors offering services and information to get you going and keep you going. Breakfast with the Bunny is next on the calendar, April 15th. Yard Sale forms are available with Jen or Stephanie, please complete the form and payment turned in ASAP, space is limited. $10 for outside spaces $20 for inside spaces to be held April 22nd.

Farmer’s Market has been very enjoyable. You should volunteer to come out and just speak with people about the Grange. Kim met one lady who was a Grange member back in the 80’s who received a donation of a Seeing Eye Dog and still is grateful to this day for everything the Grange has done for her.  This is just one of the many great stories you will hear at the Farmers Market in Colonial Heights. The Farmers Market is soon to go under committee ownership, Melinda looked into what it would take for the Grange to continue to maintain a booth all year long.

A motion was made and seconded to pay of the yearly membership to continue to have a booth at the Colonial Heights Farmers Market. It was passed.

New Business:

Larry would like to get assistants with an idea of painting our Kitchen at the Chesterfield County Fair Grounds. There will be two paintings on either sides of our building that look like farm scenes. A motion was made and seconded that we donate materials for whatever Larry needs to make this possible. It was passed!

Pam has been in contact with Matt DiNardo with WRIC Weather Team and he would like to come speak to the Juniors and any adults about the weather and weather preparedness on a Wednesday or Thursday evening. Lets get that scheduled!

Lately we have had more inquires about WiFi at the Grange Building, especially with our Vendor events. It has been looked into on how much it would cost us to get WiFi, it will be a minimal increase from our current phone provider. A motion was made and seconded that the Grange Building to get WiFi, and was passed.

Members Sick or in Distress

Crystal’s Father in Law passed just this morning, family in Colorado are handling things right now. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

Gladys’ Son Ricky passed this week keep her in your prayers

John Walters was supposed to have surgery but has been postponed keep him and his family in your prayers.

Sandra’s brother and sisters are having major health issues please keep them in your prayers.

Kim’s mom has a leaking hernia and a spot on her breast. She is a breast cancer survivor so please keep her in your prayers that this is not coming back.

John Paskel having surgery on his colon, please pray for him.

Julia Williams is having health issues and the passing of her dog Candy, please keep her in your prayers.

Dillon’s Mom is doing good since her procedure, thank you for you thoughts and prayers.

Cheryl’s Mom is doing bad please keep her in your prayers.

Nick’s Grandma is slowing becoming blind, please keep her in your prayers.



Meeting Notes 3-2-17

Excuse the lateness of these notes!

We had a guest speaker from the Chesterfield County Parks and Recs, who spoke to us about upcoming events at the Chesterfield County Fair Grounds. There are some great opportunities coming up for the Grange to assist in the festivities at the Fair Grounds. The Grange will be hosting a food vendor booth at the July 4th Fireworks Display at the Fair Grounds. We are guaranteed to be busy since we will not be near the other food vendors, so volunteers to prep and sever would be fantastic. More info to come!

Committee Reports:

Sunshine- sent out 19 birthday cards and will be mailing birthday cards at the beginning of the month so as to not leave anyone out.

Juniors- Feb.7th was their formal meeting, we are getting better but not perfect yet. Also was Valentine’s Day Craft Night, Stephanie assisted in showing how to decorate cupcakes. We had a best cupcake contest, the winners got to go home with special designed cupcakes from Stephanie. Feb 21st was also a craft night where the Juniors made dream catchers out of paper plates and yarn.

Buildings and Grounds- THE CHAIN IS DOWN! More explanation later.

Membership- We want to welcome our newest member Cheryl Wells, we love getting new members and new volunteers.

Communications- Pam Wade sent several thank you cards for all the support and donations that the Grange family provided during her families difficult time. We also received the application process to become a food vendor at the July 4th Chesterfield County Fair Fireworks event.

Unfinished Business:

THE CHAIN IS DOWN!- We now have the land behind and next to the Grange. There are plans to double the parking lot, a possible pavilion and an educational nature trail.

We will be a food vendor at the Chesterfield Fair Grounds for the July 4th Fireworks event. We will use our building that is on the Chesterfield Fair Grounds, but we will not do as much as we do for the Fair. Basics like, hotdogs, hamburgers, chips, and drinks. The expectation is that we will be the only food booth on that side of the Fair Grounds, so we will need volunteers to assist as much as possible.

So far there are no changes or new regulations on Bingo, per Nick, but he will keep an ear out in case anything comes down the line.

Fool’s Gold Raffle is right around the corner, we are at 60 tickets sold (as of this meeting) and we need to sell 150 to hold the raffle. All proceeds go to help the Juniors, so get out there and sell those tickets.

Farmer’s Market- Grange will rent a booth at the Colonial Heights Farmer’s Market on Saturdays from 8am to noon on March 11th, 18th, and 25th. We are drumming up awareness about the Grange, Grange Events and selling raffle tickets. Anyone that would like to help assist at the booth or wants to come out to see what we are about, you’re welcome to come.

Basket Bingo- we are ready to go and hope for a good turn out, proceeds are going to help with the Buildings and Grounds fund for the Grange.

Grange Month- April is National Grange Month #150yearsofgrange. Make sure to check out the Grange Month page here on the website. Our next big event with Grange Month other than the Fool’s Gold Raffle will be our Health Fair.

New Business:

Chesterfield County Fair is coming soon, so be ready!

Members Sick or in Distress

Pam Wade lost her Father-in-law

Susan’s Mom having a procedure

Mel had procedure on his finger and his Mom is doing okay

Dillon’s Mom had her tests and they found pre-cancer but doing better

Rick had to have emergency lancing of his shoulder and is doing much better.

Walt still having Bells Palsy will have to do a procedure to correct vision from complications.

Melinda is starting to come back from her Bells Palsy


Meeting Notes 2-2-17

Meeting Notes for February

Committee Reports

New Members/Correspondence: We had one new member to vote in and she will be notified to come to our next meeting.

Sunshine Committee: has been late with card…Very Sorry about that, and suggests that she will be sending birthday greetings at the beginning of each month to for all of those with birthdays in that month. This will be better so that no one gets left out.

Juniors: We had a great time at our last meeting. Everyone did Pine Cone Bird Feeders, made out of peanut butter and bird seed. Thank you to everyone that came and that was involved. The kids had a great time and Becky had more peanut butter on her than on the pine cone while assisting some of the children. PS: Becky doesn’t like peanut butter. Next meeting is a formal meeting and a special holiday craft.

Rentals: Chesterfield Sportsman Fellowship will start meeting in the building February 20th, any male is welcome to attend, it is $5.00 to cover the cost of your dinner. It starts at 6pm and then there is a speaker at 7pm. We have been having more interest in rentals, so please keep the building looking nice.

Buildings and Grounds: There is a light out in the front, this will get replaced. Spence’s came out and did a pest check, we are up to date and looking good.

Unfinished Business

Dictionary program was a great success, we still have one school that has not gotten back to us about delivery. If we can not get a day and time locked down, we will make a motion to find another school that is in need. April is Grange Month and we are celebrating our #150yearsofGrange. We have plans in the works for activities that will be open to the public all month long. We are creating a page for the website so you can stay up to date on those activities and also on our public facebook page. Please see Melinda if you have any questions or would like to help. RAFFLE!!! Sell those tickets, Buy those tickets!!! The proceeds are going to our Junior Grangers to help them continue to thrive and grow, their future means everything. Reminder that the rules are listed on the website under the tab “Fool’s Gold Reverse Raffle” and purchasing places are listed there as well. Dues!!! Dues are Due! Please get them to Becky ASAP, we do not want to have to spend extra cost on mailing reminders.

New Business

Mid Atlantic Lecturers Conference is April 28th – 30th in Pennsylvania. For more information if you would like to attend, please speak with Ernie or Melinda. Youth Conference is at the end of July in Florida (location still to be determined). Our Reverse Raffle is going to help our Juniors get to FL, it is a great opportunity to help our youth continue to grow and learn. Virginia has past new bills concerning Bingo regulations, if you would like to read about those you can go to the page or speak with Nick.

Members Sick or in Distress

Pam and Family, have been displaced due to their house needing major repairs. Please pray for them and Pam’s Father-in-law who has been very sick and in the hospital.

Melinda, has been dealing with a bout of Bells Paulsey, taking major doses of Vitamin C and slowly getting better.

Mel is having thumb surgery, please pray all goes well.

Robert, came home from the hospital and is doing good.

Betty, has not been doing good, sleeping mostly, please pray for her.

Misty, has some serious family issues, please pray that everything works out.

Dillon’s Mom is having a biopsy done soon, please pray that everything comes back okay.

Rick, had shoulder surgery, is doing good and starting therapy.

Notes: If you are not a member but would like to become one please come by the building or speak with a member. We always love to have new members to help grow our volunteer organization. When we do good for others, it makes us feel good in return.


Grange Month Committee

Last night we had the first committee meeting for the up and coming Grange Month in April. If you could not attend and have some ideas please see Melinda for more information. We want to make this Grange Month big, loud and proud because it is our #150yearsofGrange anniversary!!! We currently have a great start with some events planned, but we need your help in advertising. Once we have more concrete dates and times, we will need your help to get the information out to the public. This is our chance to really answer the question, “What will happen when the Do-ers stop Doing?” Keep posted to this website and our Facebook Page for more details. (Thanks for all that came to the meeting, it was a great turnout.)